MV* - Practical Applications with CanJS

location_city Bengaluru schedule Jul 23rd 01:30 - 03:00 PM place Grand Ballroom

Structure of client side applications is a debated topic. While there are many varied approaches, I will take you through concepts we use at Bitovi when building complex applications. Separation of concerns, thin server architecture, and how we structure our data layer are a few of the many topics we will touch in this tutorial session.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

Main Agenda:

  • Simple inheritance with can.Construct
  • jQuery plugin best practices
    • De-coupling widgets
    • Memory safety
    • Determistic widgets
  • Observable objects with can.Map
    • Custom behaviors per property
    • Validation on an object
  • Maintainable widgets with can.Control
  • Abstracting your REST layer with can.Model
  • A simple view layer with can.view
    • A brief istory of can.ejs, can.mustache and can.stache
    • Intro to live binding
  • Moving into the future with can.Component

Interesting side topics:

  • Parallel development with can.fixture
  • Observable and composite properties with can.compute
  • Declarative application of jQuery plugins with can.view.attr

Learning Outcome

High level understandings:

  • Boilerplate functionality can.Control handles internally when building custom widgets.
  • The observable pattern.
  • How can.Model abstracts requests for persisted entities.
  • How client side template engines function, including basic usage.  
  • How constructs assist with inheritance.
  • Concepts behind thin server architecture and how this applies to rich, complex UI applications.

Target Audience

Developers with an open mind!

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