Building A Mini Angular Framework From The Ground Up

This live coding session will reveal the inner secrets of how Angular.js works by attempting re-create a mini angular.js like framework from the ground up.  This will help gain better understanding on some of the guiding principles of angular.js

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Outline/structure of the Session

In this session, I will demonstrate

  • Creating a "Scope" api for two-way data-binding
  • Creating a DI container
  • Create the HTML Compilation process
  • Create simple directives from the scratch
  • Bootstrap the application

Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to better understand how angular.js works internally.

Target Audience

Frontend developers who want to understand the frameworks better

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  • Pulak
    By Pulak  ~  3 years ago
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    Hello Mangesh,

    These type of presentations and demos are already available in NET very much. Also I don't think people come to conferences to learn how to start programming in Angular and understanding its' concept. These concepts are well explained in NET already.

    If you share your experiences, findings, challenges and how you worked out all these in Angular, then it is beneficial for people.

    • Magesh
      By Magesh  ~  2 years ago
      reply Reply


      Can you  please kind enough to point me to the presentations and demos available on this topic in the NET?




    • Naresh Jain
      By Naresh Jain  ~  3 years ago
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      Very interesing proposal Magesh. Can you please update the proposal with links to previous presentations (video and slides.) This will help the committee understand your presentation style.