Using jQuery, jQueryCycle, JSON and the Mustache Templating Library to create Professional Apps quickly

Create professional web pages using templating libraries such as Mustache along with jQuery, jQueryCycle and JSON. This tutorial will show you how to use simple HTML along with the technologies mentioned to create a carousel of information read from JSON files. Use of AJAX to read JSON data will be demonstrated.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

1. Downloading and installing jQuery, jQueryCycle and Mustache (10 minutes)

2. Reading a simple JSON file from the server (5 minutes)

3. Formatting the above with Mustache (5 minutes)

4. Reading a JSON array from the server (20 minutes)

5. Displaying the array elements one below another using jQuery and AJAX (20 minutes)

6. Using jQueryCycle to cycle through the records rather than display them all one below another. (20 minutes)

7. Q&A (10 minutes)

Learning Outcome

Knowledge of using jQuery, jQueryCycle, JSON, AJAX, Mustache and jQueryCycle to create a complete web page

Target Audience

Anyone with basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and simple jQuery and AJAX.

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