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    Big Data Visualizations made easy using D3

    aman khan
    aman khan
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    Advances in technology is leading to an exponential growth of available data. However, there is a significant difference between possessing data and making sense of it. Data visualization helps to overcome this issue by representing relevant data in an easy to understand manner, and is even more important in the field of Health Care as data in this case may have a direct impact on human life. Data-Driven Documents (D3) is a modern day tool which helps in creating interactive visualizations of complex data and does so easily by binding data with elements in a document.

     During this presentation, we will understand the meaning and importance of relevant data-visualization, types of data-visualization and the factors that come into play when choosing a particular type of visualization. We will also learn about D3 as a visualization tool and go through some examples of visualizations using D3. We will also focus on importance of visualizations from the perspective of Healthcare.

  • Darcy Clarke
    Darcy Clarke
    schedule 1 year ago
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    240 mins

    What do SASS, LESS & Stylus all have in common? They all mimic features we already have, natively, in JavaScript. Variables, Functions, Inheritance, Modularity and a whole lot more are all solved problems. Let's change how we think about approaching creating our styles and utilize the power of the most ubiquitous language already within our projects. You'll learn just how easy and powerful it it is to write JavaScript to generates CSS. This will change your world!

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