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    Going framework-less with virtual-dom and FRP (RxJS)

    Charanjit Singh
    Charanjit Singh
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    90 mins

    Functional Reactive Programming is a slightly different take towards asynchronous programming which helps creating simple and powerful software with good architecture. FRP reduces the complexity of a asynchronous code by providing a unifying concept to cover most things asynchronous, and the result is a easy to build and easy to maintain architecture. Reactive programming is a powerful concept, Meteor is a living proof of that. FRP is another, more advanced (imho) flavour of reactive programming.

    This session we'll create a simple app called YARR (Yet Another RSS Reader), using virtual-DOM and RxJS without using any front-end or isomorphic javascript framework. We're going framework-less for this session so we could concentrate only on FRP concepts which might be little hard to grasp for those who do little Functional Programming (sadly, most of Js devs). This session will demonstrate how FRP leads to a saner architecture for apps without relying on a framework for forcing your hand to do so. 

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