LAST Conference Adelaide 2019

Thu, May 30

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    Welcome - 20 mins

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    David Alia

    David Alia - "I'll start my transformation next Monday" - Overcoming the fear of pain to successfully transform corporates' mass

    schedule  10:15 - 10:45 AM place G1,2,3 max150 people 15 Interested
    "Like for diets, if methods exist to lose weight significantly and sustainably, they require discipline and courage, which often lack in big organisations that worship silver-bullet cargo-cult frameworks and rituals.

    I will use my own experience in dieting (+20kg in 4 years, -25kg in 6 months) and IT (+20 years of experience) to describe the parallel between the two, and how it is a powerful metaphor to understand why transformations tend to drag on and on in big corporate companies.

    Participants will (re-)discover this evidence written in golden letters at gym clubs: ""no pain, no gain"", and how the diet metaphor suits particularly well for a digital/agile/culture transformation. Ramping up from individual motivation and discipline to tribal execution and ownership, find what are the key levers for managers to step up to become their company's Personal Trainers, with often the most underrated ingredient: courage"
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    Renae Craven

    Renae Craven - 10 Ways to End Up in the Agile Transformation Doghouse

    schedule  10:15 - 10:45 AM place G4 max25 people 22 Interested

    Agile transformations are not easy. And if you’ve ever been involved in one, or two (or more!) you’ve hopefully figured out that they’re not all the same.

    In my experience, there are some common patterns that are a hindrance to agile transformations. This topic will explore 10 of these patterns which either impede organisations or delay their move to an agile organisation.

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    Michael Fagan

    Michael Fagan - Using Cost of Delay to de-scale your organisation through decentralised decision making

    schedule  10:15 - 10:45 AM place G5 max25 people 14 Interested

    It isn’t enough to break down our portfolio into small pieces and execute them in isolation from one another. We must acknowledge that variance in knowledge work is a fact of life, specialists are scarce, people find new jobs, life happens. Rather than think of an organisation as individual parts to be managed, think of it as a living organism which adapts and responds as a whole.

    By empowering people to take decisions based on objective data linked to a shared vision people are not simply playing a game according to a set of rules, they are responsible for the game.

    Don Reinertsen in his seminal book "The Principles of Product Development Flow" states:

    "If you only quantify one thing, quantify the Cost of Delay. "

    In this talk I will present how the Cost of Delay can be derived from data your organisation has lying around how you can super charge decision making speed and consequently the flow of value.


    Morning Tea - 20 mins


    Lunch - 45 mins

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    Session 3

    schedule  01:25 - 02:55 PM place Time Block
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    Gatik Chaujer

    Gatik Chaujer - Storytelling in an Agile world

    schedule  01:25 - 02:55 PM place G1,2,3 max150 people 22 Interested

    Storytelling in an Agile World.

    Because you need to Engage, Inspire and Influence more than ever in an agile workplace.

    Storytelling is the number-one leadership skill for the next decade. From the earliest cave dwellers to modern corporate executives, people have told stories to make a point and drive change. Stories are powerful because they speak to both reason and emotion. Plus, stories are memorable.

    By telling stories in the workplace, you'll be better able to engage, convince, and influence others. You'll be more successful at getting your message across in conversations or presentations, especially when driving change, sparking action, sharing knowledge or leading people into the future, in an agile workplace.

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    Saman Attarian

    Saman Attarian / David Clifford - Can you be their servant? A Fun Way to Learn About Servant-Leadership

    schedule  01:25 - 02:55 PM place G4 max25 people 15 Interested

    "... make sure that other people's highest priority needs are being served. The best test, and difficult to administer, is: do those served grow as persons; do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer and more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? " (Greenleaf 1991)

    Join us for an interactive and fun session on servant-leadership, how agile coaches aspire to lead. We will share a few paradigms and principles, and we will then practice these in real-world scenarios to gain an understanding of the mindset required to be a great servant leader. Inspired by Lyssa Adkins's "Coaching Agile Teams", Carol Dweck “Mindset” and Game of Life board game, this session will challenge your mind and spirit!

    Hard choices to be made...

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    Romain Vailleux

    Romain Vailleux - Liberating Structures - An overview of powerful workshop formats

    schedule  01:25 - 02:55 PM place G5 max25 people 22 Interested
    Less time waste, more USEFUL meetings!

    The Liberating microstructures (K. McCandless & H. Lipmanowicz) are a repertory of workshop formats that enable collective intelligence and enhance trust among the participants.

    Inclusivity, collective intelligence, collaboration, innovation; these words resonate a lot in today's business world where compagny tries to keep up with a growing complexity.
    And that's why every change agent, leader or facilitator needs to know about Liberating structures.

    This workshop will be an interactive overview of the liberating microstructures, making every participant aware of the diversity of Liberating formats available.
    After a quick introduction to the subject, the participants will investigate the framework to finish with the key principles behing the liberating structures.
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    Terry McKenna

    Terry McKenna - Agile (R)evolution - understanding the roots of Agile to shape the Future of Work: a conversation

    schedule  01:25 - 01:55 PM place G6 max25 people 7 Interested

    The adoption of "Agile" approaches to delivering outcomes has spread like wildfire from its perceived roots in software development's "Agile Manifesto" in 2001. But what we consider today to be "Agile" methods draw from a wide range of influences some of which seem to be the antithesis of the agile mindset.

    This presentation will look at how these diverse roots have made "agile" what it is today, but, more importantly, will invite delegates to discuss how agile approaches might adapt to both shape and be shaped by, a rapidly changing world.

    Considering influences such as the emergence of IoT, AI and virtual workspaces, delegates will be invited to express their viewpoints as to the future state of Agile. The intent is to provoke and promote dialogue, harnessing delegates' insights and perspectives.

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    Elijah Eilert

    Elijah Eilert - Innovation Accounting

    schedule  01:25 - 02:55 PM place 1.8 max25 people 6 Interested

    Traditional accounting and funding processes are no longer sufficient in dealing with today's fast changing environment. Innovation Accounting fundamentally ties learning and money together. It is a framework designed to generate and capture information about new ways to create, deliver and capture value in the most cost-effective and quickest way. It holds entrepreneurs and managers accountable against relevant metrics.

    Statistics is the ‘science’ of extracting the most information from the least data. Innovation Accounting puts these principals at the heart of innovation management. Innovation Accounting uses the right information at the right time to make better decisions about product, investment/resource allocation, people and strategy.

    This session will touch on some of the core challenges of innovation management and provides a high-level introduction to the subject of innovation accounting.

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    Nick Hadjinicolaou

    Nick Hadjinicolaou - Organisational agility and its perceived benefits from Australian perspectives

    schedule  02:05 - 02:50 PM place G6 max25 people 8 Interested

    Organisational agility helps businesses to sustain their competitive advantage and contributes to business success. It accelerates shared knowledge and learning processes that meet the pace of rapid environmental change. Despite the awareness of agile application, perceived benefits about significant characteristics of organisational agility have not been fully investigated. This research aims to explore and report relationships between 20 agile characteristics and 15 perceived benefits from the perspectives of Australian industry sectors. Descriptive and correlation statistics were employed to establish the background of 36 research respondents and to indicate relationships of the studied variables. Degrees of correlation were closely examined. The research results showed that only some benefits of organisational agility were perceived and linked to the essential characteristics of agility. The research also found different combinations of organisational agility that constructed individual perceived benefits.


    Break - 20 mins

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    Session 4

    schedule  03:15 - 04:45 PM place Time Block people 1 Interested
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    Martin Kearns

    Martin Kearns - Agile contracts - Starting on the right foot

    schedule  03:15 - 04:00 PM place G1,2,3 max150 people 21 Interested

    We will explore how Agile can be used to embed a learning cycle that supports a project/engagement lifecycle.

    We will then explore different techniques and models to assist in governing and maintaining control over an investment, without destroying the essence of self-organisation and transparency of the outcome.

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    Andrew Murphy

    Andrew Murphy - How to communicate anything to anyone and see a real impact - communicating effectively and efficiently

    schedule  03:15 - 04:45 PM place G4 max25 people 17 Interested

    Everyone thinks they are a good at communication, but... how many times have you been at an event talking to someone you really didn’t want to talk to? Been sold to by someone who didn’t get that you weren’t interested?

    These are examples of bad communication and they all have a few things in common, they weren’t efficient and they weren’t effective

    .They didn’t go into the communication with the right mindset and the right preparation

    Also, sorry to say it, but your own communications probably suck too. But after this talk you’ll have a leg up on your competition: you’ll know your communication sucks... and you know how to fix it.

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    David Alia

    David Alia - The Dome: A powerful experiment for change when change is hard

    schedule  03:15 - 04:00 PM place G5 max25 people 7 Interested
    "In ""Under the Dome"", the novel by Stephen King, the inhabitants of Chester's Mill wake up to a strange barrier, which is similar to a dome, covering the whole city, completely isolating it from the surrounding world.
    The dome is impenetrable, only a small amount of air and water can pass through.
    Following this puzzling event, the community under the dome has to change, for the best or the worst.

    Most successful transformations at scale have a lot in common with this novel, metaphorically speaking of course.
    Based on this story, we designed a brand new culture hacking experiment that proved to be successful in many environments.

    Change automatically generates resistance from the team to change AND from the ecosystem around (the ""antibodies"").
    What if, in order to change the culture of a whole ecosystem, a team was isolated from the outside world, protected by an unbreakable and transparent dome?

    This story can be used as a referential, as this is a metaphor helping communicate and relate to the challenges faced in situations of change.
    Using it as an alignment between fiction and reality, this story will open the discussion to easily relatable transformation and business agility topics."
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    Allisyn Ramm

    Allisyn Ramm - Scaling Agile - lessons from the trenches - Ally Ramm

    schedule  03:15 - 04:00 PM place G6 max25 people 16 Interested

    "Agility isn't an option, or a thing just for teams, it is a business imperative." - Dean Leffingwell, Creator of SAFe

    Scaled Agile is not just about rolling out more agile teams or launching release trains, it's a full cultural shift and organisational journey that is, quite simply, hard!

    If your teams are starting to see the benefits of Agile ways of working, this session will introduce the Scaled Agile Framework and guide you through ways you can start to permeate agility through to other areas of your organisation.

    In this tell all session, Ally will share her journey on how implementing the Scaled Agile Framework helped to achieve key benefits that SAFe offers; increased staff engagement, faster time-to-market, increased productivity and improvements in quality, all in an effort to reach the holy grail of "Enterprise Agility".

    Speaker Bio:

    Specialises in: Agile, Scaled Agile, Growth Mindset, Organisational Change, Project Delivery, Culture, Coaching, Business Analysis

    Current Role: EPMO Capability & Engagement Manager - People's Choice Credit Union

    Certifications: SAFe Program Consultant, Scrum Master, Product Owner

    Ally ventured into the corporate life with one simple mission: “to change the world with technology.” Since the evolution of this mission she has worked with a number of organisations to help build capability, culture, ecosystems and teams to be able adapt and pivot rapidly to achieve ultimate success in our fast-paced digital economy.

    With her out of the box and unique engagement style, Ally helps organisations navigate their way through an ocean of buzz words to implement the most relevant ways of working to build and maintain a competitive edge.

    Armed with experience in a number of complex environments and credentials in a number of different practices, Ally is obsessed with innovating new ways to achieve quality outcomes and will stop at nothing to help organisations transform to achieve them.

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    Pete Holliday

    Pete Holliday - The Six Traits of Progressive Organisations

    schedule  04:10 - 04:40 PM place G1,2,3 max150 people 28 Interested

    The 6 Trends of Progressive Organisations

    Less than 15% of the companies listed in the fortune 500 in 1955 still exist today!

    Past success is no longer a guarantee of future success. Despite an environment of constant change driven by global connectively and rapidly evolving technology, some companies are thriving in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Why?

    These companies operate with a completely different operating system to traditional organisations. They dare to be different by leveraging technology, capturing unique talent and embracing new ways of working that allow them to outpace the competition.

    In this innovative and informative presentation, Pete will focus on the approaches that leading global organisations like Netflix, Buurtzorg, Amazon, Spotify, Google and Morning Star are deploying to remain relevant in a world of constant change.

    Pete will share how you can deploy these six key principles to transform your workplace, resulting in greater collaboration, transparency, and high performance.


    Closing Talk - 15 mins