The long Journey to Agile starts with a Tractor that can drive itself, How Agjunction started its journey to Agile.

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Its easy to be daunted by the stories of great agile development organisations but they all started somewhere. I will talk about how AgJunction started their journey to becoming agile by setting basic rules and creating a learning environment where experimentation was encouraged. In an organisation that aims to provide “Hands-free farming for everyone” by producing both hardware and software for the agricultural industry. The standard agile methods don’t really work when you can be at the mercy of the gods and not be able to test due to rain hail and snow. So instead of using a method that we knew would not work we created something simple and empowered the team to mould it into the AgJunction Agile Method.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduce AgJunction and what we do and how we work

Explain the reasons why we wanted to be more "Agile"

Talk about the steps we have made to be "Agile"

Give examples of what we have done and what others can do too.

Some of the lessons we have learned

Learning Outcome

I want people to realise that they need to focus on Culture and not a predefined process to become "Agile"

Target Audience

People and organisations looking at how to start the journey to Lean and Agile.

Prerequisites for Attendees

They dont need to know anything

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