Presented this in Melbourne recently to their content strategy meetup:

The IA (UX) revolution: Bringing the great disrupt to your tree structures.

Jilly Magee, fresh from working as a digital specialist on CBA's new intranet, will be breaking our brains with this revolutionary idea. The attendees will get to delve into this in an interactive way, It will be fun and we'll learn a lot.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Content in slides, audience participation in 3 sections and QandA at the end.

Learning Outcome

Understand why tree structures may no longer be required; be inspired to deliver innovative, first of kind experiences; understand how Agile can support innovation.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in disruptive design and delivering value using Agile

Prerequisites for Attendees

An interest in digital trends and experiences, and/or an interest in innovation and the great disrupt.

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