Putting Devs and BAs on the same page with BPMN

I started as a skeptic: as a developer I was cynical about the charts and documents that BAs produce. I mean, come on: we all know this thing is guaranteed to go out of date as business requirements change. "No plan survives contact with deployment", right?

What changed my perspective entirely was discovering executable system documentation in the form of BPMN - Business Process Model and Notation. With BPMN, the model is the code. If you're not familiar with BPMN, I'll give a brief introduction to it in this talk.

So, OK - you're sold on BPMN. But how do you get developers to start using it without having to sell the organisation on a BPMN monolith engine from the 90s? In a world of loosely-coupled microservices and autonomous development teams, "One Ring to Rule Them All" is a harder sell than a left-handed screwdriver.

I'll demo Zeebe, a modern, polyglot, horizontally-scalable workflow engine for microservices orchestration that will have the developers in your org demanding BPMN. It can be incrementally adopted with low risk, and provides an opportunity to expose developers to the "living systems documentation" of executable BPMN.

After getting my own feet wet with Zeebe and BPMN I discovered a new-found respect and appreciation for BAs. If nothing else, this is the opportunity to get developers and BAs on the same page - and deploy that page to production!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Background on how I discovered BPMN - working as a developer on a six-person team (including one BA).
  • Some observations on why BPMN hasn't seen wider adoption with developers up to this point.
  • How BPMN works, with a quick demonstration of a business process using the "Todo app" of BPMN - an ecommerce process flow.
  • A demonstration of the previous process being executed in Zeebe using Node.js and Java.
  • Showing how developers change their mindset when exposed to Zeebe.

Learning Outcome

  • What BPMN is, and what the advantages are in having it as a shared vocabulary between developers and BAs
  • Some strategies for introducing BPMN to your organisation
  • Ideas on how to get developers excited about and engaged with BPMN

Target Audience

Business Analysts, Developers,

Prerequisites for Attendees

I won't get too technical in the demo.

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