LAST Conference Brisbane 2019 Day 1

Fri, Oct 4

    Registration - 60 mins


    Intro and Welcome - 15 mins

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    Stephanie BySouth

    Stephanie BySouth - Leadership Agility- Find your edge

    schedule  08:45 - 09:25 AM place W201 - Lecture Theatre

    n the face of market disruption, boardroom strongholds, and technical globalisation bleeding into to the thread of our societies morals how to business leaders stay the course, transform the enterprise, empower the people and say no to yesterday....

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    Shane Hastie

    Shane Hastie - The Edge of Agility

    schedule  09:25 - 10:05 AM place W201 - Lecture Theatre

    Drawing on his experience and community engagement through both ICAgile and InfoQ, Shane explores what is at the edge of agility in 2019. The trends that are impacting the way organisations are evolving; practices and approaches gaining traction in the innovators and early adopters and what’s next for agility.


    Morning Break - 30 mins


    Lunch Break - 60 mins

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    Tony Ponton

    Tony Ponton / Phil Gadzinski - The Heart of Agile

    schedule  01:00 - 01:40 PM place W201 - Lecture Theatre
    The Heart of Agile ( Developed by Dr Alistair Cockburn one of the signatories of the Agile Manifesto) simplifies two decades of practice into four critical imperatives that amplify your effectiveness:

    - Collaborate
    - Deliver
    - Reflect
    - Improve

    Phil and Tony will speak about :
    • What the Heart of Agile is and why it came about?
    • How we can apply it with the teams and organisation we work in, this will include examples from local and across the world of how it's being used.
    • The Heart of Agile community that supports it.

    Afternoon Break - 30 mins

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    Renee Troughton

    Renee Troughton - TBC

    schedule  03:05 - 03:45 PM place W201 - Lecture Theatre


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    Stephanie BySouth

    Stephanie BySouth - Lean Debate

    schedule  03:45 - 04:25 PM place W201 - Lecture Theatre

    The Great Lean Debate will be back for 2019:

    • 2 teams battling it out debating some important Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking topics.
    • We will be on the lookout for 2 team captains.
    • On the day we will be looking for 2 team members to join each of the team captains in a live debate.

    The session was inspired by ‘Lean Debate’ a game created by Steph BySouth:




    Post Conference Drinks - 90 mins