People Power - Build teams based on strengths, diversity, purpose and appreciation

One of the principles of the Agile manifesto is build projects around motivated individuals. “Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.”.

However, individuals have different strengths and weaknesses. Our focus shifts quite often on how to improve their performance and how we can “develop” their weaknesses. Science and my personal experience shows that building on the strengths rather than improving our weaknesses will get better results, and not only when we want to build projects around motivated individuals.

But there is a lot more to building a well performing team than putting a bunch of people together with the desired technical skills and improving what they’re not good at. It’s important to understand that a diverse team that uses the strength of the individuals will outperform a homogeneous team with similar skillset.

Research and personal experience also shows that the teams need to be well supported, empowered or appraised. Teams need the environment where they are safe, they have a purpose and their work matters.

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Outline/structure of the Session

30 minutes of lecture style presentation

  • Introduction of current life experience (both personal and professional), how performance management is misused today
  • Find the strengths of an individual
  • Building a new team - the advantages of diversity and “soft” skills
  • Team bonding ideas - creating an environment where teams can bond
  • Team appreciation - how to support the team with empathy and feedback

Learning Outcome

  • building on the strengths rather than improving weaknesses,
  • building diverse teams rather than building super smart teams, and
  • using empathy, compassion and support to build teams.  

Target Audience

Managers and anyone who cares about people

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