The Value Story - do your stories have value?

What's in a story? Perhaps more applicable to agilists today, what's in a user story?

Let's get real about user stories and what they are trying to achieve. Perhaps the user story is not the story format we should be using!

Let's examine the user story format that we all know and love today. We will dive a little deeper into how a story and personas can create synergy. We will discuss how a user story can be presented on a ticket and how stories can be supplemented with information like acceptance criteria.

Of course something so widely used will have anti-patterns. Let's look at a few and have a few laughs as well.

Let's go even further and talk about user story alternatives, I will propose two. But wait! Are there even other user story alternatives? I will introduce two more.

Finally, let's sum up the purpose of the user story and conclude with the central idea that's really important - your story can be anything you want it to be!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Introduction to user stories, 5'
- User story format, 5'
     - The traditional who, what, why format
- Ticket physical formats, 5'
- Personas, 5'
- Antipatterns, 5'
- 2 alternative formats, 5'
     - First alternative format of why, who, what
     - Second alternative format of why, what, who
- Followed by 2 more formats, as a bonus, 5'
     - The value story as defined by Chris Matts, creator of Feature Injection
     - The job story as defined by Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School
- Concluded with ultimate message that what works for you is OK, 5'
     - The fairy tale format, the Peanuts format, the Star Wars format
- Q&A fills timebox

Learning Outcome

Introduce the user story format and key concepts like ticket format, acceptance criteria, and value. Introduce key anti-patterns to watch out for. Propose 2 alternative user story formats that may be of more value. Introduce 2 additional alternatives to user story format. The key takeaway and final message that you can use any format you want.

Target Audience

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, UX Engineer, Product Owner

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