The HiPPO ate my Scrum Guide

We can no longer simply apply the Agile of 15 years ago to the problems of today. Scrum, or any other framework we utilise is useless in isolation. We know more now and it's lazy to not to put that learning and tools to use.

Along my journey, I've encountered several common failure patterns that a Scrum Guide or Certification can't address. This is some of what I've learned through the failure of trying naively to do so.

This will be an exploration of those failures and what I used to (occasionally successfully) address them; largely based on storytelling, and accompanied by terrible illustrations and bad jokes.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This talk will be primarily in lecture format, with a space at the end for questions.

  1. Introduction
  2. My new, shiny and ultimately naive view of the world of Agile
  3. The initial problems that I encountered upon entering this organisation, and how Scrum 'by-the-book' helped me address the symptoms of what I saw
  4. The initial subsequent failure pattern: Introducing the Resident HiPPO
  5. The things we did to address safety on teams, blame, micromanagement and a fundamental lack of trust - Protecting Teams, Organic Organisational Change and Test Automation (topics covered: EQ, Psychological Safety, Continuous Test)
  6. The second failure pattern: Feeding the HiPPO
  7. The things we did to address subjective opinions taking the place of validated learning - Hypothesis-based development and a focus on outcomes (topics covered: Lean Startup, Impact Mapping, Visualisation & 'Selling' Lean).
  8. The third failure pattern: Navigating with an Out-of-Date Map
  9. The things we did to address lack of data/metrics and slow feedback loops - Initiating a move towards CD, putting Data in the hands of teams (topics covered: Continuous Delivery, giving teams access to data)
  10. The fourth failure pattern: "We're a Cross-Functional Team, and then we hand over to Ops"
  11. The things we did to address poor quality of our environments, manual and siloed release processes - putting releases in the hands of teams, putting teams on-call, integrating operations with development teams (topics covered: Continuous Delivery, Production Monitoring, DevOps, *actual* cross-functional teams, removing the Feature vs Technical Improvement debate & language)
  12. Final thoughts and a plea to revisit our Practices, Principles and ways of working
  13. Questions from the audience

Learning Outcome

The audience will, through my journey at an organisation I've worked with:

* Understand that the Agile of 20 years ago is no guarantee of success today

* Explore some common failure patterns in an Agile organisation

* Experience how different aspects of the 'Agile Ecosystem' become critical to success in an Agile environment, such as

    • Outcome-centric Development
    • Lean Startup
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Psychological Safety
    • DevOps

Target Audience

Coaches, Scrum Masters or anyone thinking of or involved in an Agile Transformation. So, everyone!

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    Craig Brown
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    How does your team improve? What are the limits to what you can do? Have you set your sights high enough?

    We are in this together in everything. We need to improve as a team, as well as deliver work products together. 

    Furthermore, best practices lead to dead ends and bad practices. Don’t seek a standard pattern that will drag your team and work towards mediocre. Seek to do better than what you do today. Never stop seeking. Think mindfully about your situation and work to improve from there.

    A key thing about this talk is that I won't be telling you how to do your job better. I'll be helping you do that more effectively.

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    This talk looks at agility at the micro (team) and macro (business) levels bringing in perspectives of how agile leadership roles facilitate focus, feedback and capability at the macro level across the value chain.