Unlocking business agility through agile leadership

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Agile technology teams sometimes tend to interpret "leadership" as a threat to self-organisation, underestimating the benefits good leadership could bring. Skilled leadership not only enables systems thinking across the delivery value chain, but also bridges business strategy to technology enablers to business benefits.

This talk looks at agility at the micro (team) and macro (business) levels bringing in perspectives of how agile leadership roles facilitate focus, feedback and capability at the macro level across the value chain.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • The agile delivery value chain
  • Micro and macro agility
  • Agile leadership roles: PO, Scrum Master
  • Why agile leadership
    • The team and organisation as aggregate organisms
    • Systems thinking / team-level mindfulness and consciousness
  • What does agile leadership do
    • Enabling decision making (scope, value, prioritisation)
    • Visibility for results of agility
    • Lens across value chain and points of leadership
  • Agile leadership is less about control and more about enablement
    • Kaizen
    • Gemba

Learning Outcome

  • Understand/refresh the delivery value chain and how various leadership roles help facilitate agility at micro and macro levels
  • Appreciate agile leadership concepts and how they try to be different from traditional control-based models

Target Audience

Business leaders, agile coaches and agile practitioners


A basic understanding of agile concepts and terminology. Bejoy goes the extra mile to establish a context and use terminology that most people would understand.

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  • Liked Craig Brown

    Craig Brown - Improve together

    Craig Brown
    Craig Brown
    VP Collaboration
    schedule 1 year ago
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    30 Mins

    How does your team improve? What are the limits to what you can do? Have you set your sights high enough?

    We are in this together in everything. We need to improve as a team, as well as deliver work products together. 

    Furthermore, best practices lead to dead ends and bad practices. Don’t seek a standard pattern that will drag your team and work towards mediocre. Seek to do better than what you do today. Never stop seeking. Think mindfully about your situation and work to improve from there.

    A key thing about this talk is that I won't be telling you how to do your job better. I'll be helping you do that more effectively.

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    Tony O'Halloran - The HiPPO ate my Scrum Guide

    Tony O'Halloran
    Tony O'Halloran
    Agile Coach
    schedule 1 year ago
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    60 Mins

    We can no longer simply apply the Agile of 15 years ago to the problems of today. Scrum, or any other framework we utilise is useless in isolation. We know more now and it's lazy to not to put that learning and tools to use.

    Along my journey, I've encountered several common failure patterns that a Scrum Guide or Certification can't address. This is some of what I've learned through the failure of trying naively to do so.

    This will be an exploration of those failures and what I used to (occasionally successfully) address them; largely based on storytelling, and accompanied by terrible illustrations and bad jokes.