Writing a well-define well-written feature is often overlooked and ends up as a phrase (or worse a single word) that hopefully means something to someone in the team. This leads to the team not really caring about features and looking at them as just a grouping of stories rather than something of importance to getting the solution done. 

In this session, Mike Burns will present a structured thinking approach to creating features that can help you quickly create features that are meaningful, understandable, and useful.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Intro
  • What is a feature?
  • Structured thinking approach to writing a feature
  • Real world examples

Learning Outcome

A structured thinking approach to creating high-level features early in the development lifecycle. 

Target Audience

Any one involved in an agile project


Basic understanding of agile solution development within an enterprise.

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    Will McNelis - Iterative Ethics: Can our moral compass be agile?

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    Will McNelis
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    Our moral and ethical landscape has changed greatly over the last 100 years. We used to be able to view the world very much in terms of right and wrong, black and white, but today we are constantly operating in shades of grey.

    We have a recipe for disaster when this is coupled with the fact that everything in our life is now run by software. We must have a way to iterate on our values, morals, and ethics to ensure we are aware of the dilemmas we face daily and the impacts of our choices.

    In this session, we will cover codifying a team's ethics to be in line with their companies’ values, and include this in their definition of done (project, feature, story). We will then discuss techniques to review and iterate on ethics in line with the usual feedback cycles.

    Basically, let's make sure our work is something we would want to bring home to our mum.

    Coming from experience in his current coaching role in the Australian Gambling industry coupled with a background of delivering agile marketing strategies and technology across the Asia Pacific region, Will is uniquely positioned to highlight ethical and moral success stories as well as failures.

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    Decoration Kanban is a game that is played with a team to demonstrate key principles and practices of Lean. It is another variant on Jeff Patton’s Paper Aeroplane game, but with a greater focus timing metrics to seek out areas of improvement. The participants play the role of a manufacturing worker and be immersed in the design and setup of a decoration manufacturing line.