DevOps for Dishwashers - Continuous Delivery for the Internet of Things (Invited Speaker)

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The Internet of Things is undeniably here. In the last year we have heard tell of of security cameras, dishwashers and even ovens roaming the internet unsupervised. As a consultant and writer about the Internet of Things, I have worked to bring my experience from 20 years in manufacturing and internet security to the IoT world. This presentation will cover the tools and techniques I use to build secure, reliable and rapidly updatable IoT devices. The techniques covered are applicable to both the simplest embedded devices with no general-purpose OS, and more powerful devices running Linux or Windows.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Part 1, architecture and coding:

  • Using containers (docker) in the embedded world (and simple equivalents for less capable platforms)
  • Applying Continuous Integration and automated testing to embedded devices

Part 2, deployment and maintenance:

  • Using the open-source SaltStack platform to provision IoT devices. I introduce a framework ( which has been developed for use in my IoT projects
  • Examples of using cloud frameworks for IoT management: Amazon AWS,, Google Android Things

Part 3, Monitoring, Command and Control:

  • Tracking your device behaviour with SaltStack and Elastic Search
  • Updating your devices in the field
  • Tips and techniques for device longevity

Learning Outcome

Learn about the Internet of Things

Target Audience

Engineers and project managers

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