7 steps to coaching agile non-software development teams (Invited Speaker)

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You are a scrum master or an agile coach that has been working with software development teams for some time; suddenly someone else from a different department (marketing, HR, sales...) asks you if you can help them also to "do" this agile thing...

In this talk, you will learn our successful approach to coaching non-software development agile teams; the tools we use, our approach and a step-by-step guide you can follow when you go back to work the next day.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

30 min talk

Learning Outcome

> Practical tools and an approach on how to coach non-software development teams.

> An overview on agile beyond software and what organisations need to achieve business agility

Target Audience

Agile coaches that want to learn how to transfer their skills and knowledge to non-software development teams

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