Case Study: Transform 4500 people with 8 coaches - impossible?

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This is a case study discussion to share how we are transforming the 2nd largest bank in Australia with a core enterprise team of 3 people and an extended coaching team of 8 professional coaches. We not only transitioned ways of working but also helped with organizational design, transitioned job titles (from over 150 to 7) and workflow management. We are using a model that helps teams change incrementally with weekly measures and understood results. We have been able to have remarkable success using a distributed coaching model, introducing new ways of learning and developing a learning organization.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Present Case Study:

Challenge - how can we transform an organization of 4500 people with a core enterprise team of 3 people and 8 coaches?

Using our transformation road map, we were able to transition people to new role titles in approx. 3 months and then take teams through the first three levels of transformation in the next 3 months. Approx 70% of the teams were able to achieve this with some teams starting on their Code Craftsmanship journey within the second 3 months. In total, it will probably take a year to bring all teams across the line, but the key here is we have a measurable approach so we are able to not only understand team progress, but also how we can help them achieve. We have found that distributed teams have done particularly well as our approach aligns everyone to a way of working standard and way of learning approach.

This is also an enterprise transformation, so as we worked with delivery teams, we also worked with leaders, shared services and product teams across the organization. We used our Leadership as a Service© program to uplift leadership capabilities in an Agile organization while bringing shared services and product teams on the journey as well. The only areas we were not able to impact were enterprise value streams and strategy.

In this session we will:

  • Introduce and discuss our transformation road map
  • Introduce and discuss approach to org design
  • Discuss approach to workflow management
  • Discuss new ways of learning approach, coach the practice over people
  • Insights, challenges and lessons learned
  • Questions and answers

Learning Outcome

  • New ways of approaching role transition and workflow design
  • Introducing new ways of working and learning to support transformation
  • Cultural shifts by introducing practices and self-evaluation over a pushing Agile
  • How to empower teams through an Agile Transformation
  • Agile transformation across the organization
  • Measured approach to transformation that works

Target Audience

Any level of the organization, IT or otherwise, who are interested in transformation

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Basic transformation techniques
  • Agile, Scrum, Lean understanding
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