Go Forth and Self-Organise! Strategies & Tactics for Building Great Teams

An Agile approach encourages organisations to form self-organising teams that are empowered to figure out how to work together and deliver value. But it's one thing to tell a team they are responsible for themselves and quite another to understand what this even means and to put it into practice in a healthy, sustainable and rewarding way.

This workshop will explore what it means to self-organise through an understanding of the fundamentals, the relaying of experiences helping teams in the field develop their self-organising capabilities, and some fun role playing exercises to illustrate and convey techniques that anyone can easily adopt to help improve their team effectiveness.

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Outline/structure of the Session

* Gentle introduction to the fundamentals of teams and self-organisation

* Pre-requisites to successful teamworking (role play)

* Exploration with the audience of the challenges facing self-organising teams and how these can be addressed

* Challenges to team health and effectiveness, and how to deal with them (role play)

* Tools and Techniques for creating and sustaining self-organising teams

* Measuring and improving team performance (role play)

* Takeaways to try when you get back to work

Learning Outcome

An understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a self-organising team, how to bring this about and sustain it for the long term, some easy tools and techniques to help, and simple ideas to experiment with at your place of work.

Target Audience

People working in or with Agile teams, and managers and leaders responsible for forming and supporting Agile teams. New Scrum Masters in particular would benefit from the knowledge they would acquire.


This is open and applicable to all levels, but absolute beginners would likely have the most to gain; so just a general appreciate of teamworking would be sufficient.

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