Learn to Play; Play to Learn!

Games are fun! We use them from childhood through to corporate events; and we often don’t realise that we’re learning at the time. We cover how games continue in that vein; in helping individuals and teams in so many ways. Games can help solve team problems, re-engage teams, build trust and understanding, and much more.

We work through scenarios where games have been employed to achieve varying outcomes; including why games make sense (at the right time); and how games help people get the point, while laughing!

In short, playing games costs little, adds significant value and can have amazing results!

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Outline/structure of the Session


  • Speaker intro
  • What is a game and why do these technologists play them?
  • Prerequisites to making games effective

Teamwork & Trust Games

Scenarios where games can help build trust and teamwork, along with overview of games for those situations

Breaking Rules and Silos

Examples of games that can be used to understand the constraints of waterfall and benefits of Agile or Lean ways of working

Value Delivery

A few games that help people understand various aspects of delivery and how to delivery value with Agile principles.

Unlock the Mind

We are often focusing too narrowly on things when we want to be open minded. These things may be what you were working on before a workshop, or perhaps we don't even realise it, but we are looking at the solution from 1 perspective.

Here we cover a few games that can be employed to free the mind.


Recap of the tools and topics covered

List of a number of resources for the games covered, and many more.

Learning Outcome

You will understand the potential that games offer. You will:

  • Develop additional problem solving tools
  • Know how to develop shared understanding
  • Be able to improve group participation through making learning fun

Target Audience

Coaches and leaders at any level (PMs, IMs, BAs, tech Leads, UX, etc) who wish to improve understanding of problems, situations or ways of working



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