Future of Work - Trends & Practices that are driving Business Agility

Work practices that were developed in nineteenth century and evolved over twentieth century since Frederick Winslow Taylor pioneered Scientific Management, served well until the advent of Internet. Within the past 10 - 15 years as the world ushered into Digital age, we have seen a dramatic shift in our behaviours. We share our work history and resumes on LinkedIn, we write blogs for the world to read on wordpress, we build communities and connect with people on Facebook, we search for and review companies on Yelp and Glassdoor, we tell people where we are on Foursquare, we share our photos on Instagram and we can instantly find anything we are looking for on Google.

These are new behaviours shaped by new technologies. Today’s workplace where many large businesses are still following the same organisational and business practices of late are facing a workforce challenge. Demographic changes to the workforce are reshaping organisations as millennials (Get Y) and Generation 2020 (Gen Z) are projected to be 75% of the workforce by 2020. These employees possess vastly different behaviours and demand different work practices in an era which is increasingly more open, collaborative, community oriented, competitive and globalised.

In this presentation I discuss that how changes in workforce behaviours, technology and economy are shaping organisational landscape and how people and organisations can prepare themselves for a future which will be inherently more open, collaborative and customer focused (the hallmarks of business agility). I will also discuss how the Agile world of management is addressing these challenges and how the progressive organisations are adopting these approaches to transform the way they operate.

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Anyone who is interested in Future Ways of Working, Agile Management and Practices, Business Agility



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