Building Organisational Coaching Capabilities

Agile promises speed of delivery and customer orientation that lures most companies to transition to Agile. However to realise that promise takes more than just standing up and training some teams in Agile. Even with training, self organised teams don't just magically appear and hit their full potential. High performing teams need solid Agile Coaches. But more that this, organisations need solid Agile Coaches to help establish the deep, organisational capability to become a truly agile learning organisation. Team are a building block of Agile, however agile teams can’t achieve then potential without organisational agility. Organisational agility requires an agile coaching capability to establish self organised teams as well as agile mindset in the organisational management and leadership and a re-think of organisational structures, policies and culture.

In organisations which are starting on Agile transition journey, most Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches are assigned to the role by default (based on their existing roles), quite often without the requisite skill to foster team agility and organisational agility. Yet this is precisely what organisations need of them. To answer the need an internal agile coaching capability must be built and in my experience it is something which is not only possible rather it is quite straightforward.

In this session I will explain what is coaching, coaching mindset and strategies to build a coaching capability.

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Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Management, Agile Team members


An understanding of Agile in general.

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