15 Words to Impress People at Cocktail Parties

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You hear lots of big words at conferences but can you use them in a sentence?

"Are you taking Holacracy and the Dark Arts this term, Hermione?

"We need to talk about CYNEFIN"

"Does your partner like the Monte Carlo method?"

This light-hearted talk includes actual definitions of tricky vocabulary words and concepts.

This brief overview is designed to help you take stock of what you know and inspire you to learn something new. What’s next for you and your organisation?

Learn these words quickly. Once politicians start using them it's too late to impress anybody.

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Outline/structure of the Session

5 Minute Lightning Talk

  1. 15 words and their definitions.
  2. The word is displayed on the screen.
  3. Audience members have a moment to consider the word and think of the definition.
  4. Definition is displayed with a quick explanation.
  5. Participants keep track of how many words they defined correctly.

Learning Outcome

Inspire participants to identify new areas of learning and try something new in their organisation.

Learn the definitions of 15 words used in Agile and related frameworks.

Target Audience

Entertaining 5 minute talk, could appeal to anyone


No Prerequisites

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