There is a major need for change in the way that organizations operate and innovate to survive in the new business landscape, the Olin School for Business in Washinton estimates that 40% of the current Fortune 500's will not exist in the next 10 years so a paradigm shift is needed on how we move from the big organization of today to the high performing organization of the future.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Welcomes & Introductions

  • Understanding the current business landscape and the challenges that many organizations face moving from the old world to the new world including the most common mistake that nearly all organizations make when starting a transformation.

  • The big is no longer dominant in the new world it is all about speed and time to market that will make the difference between an average performing organization and a high performing organization, understanding how to cut through the confusion in the industry surrounding Agile, CICD and DevOps can save organization years off their journey.

  • Are you in a Mode 1 or Mode 2 Organisation?
    You can only be one or the other as one is a highly innovative high performing organization and the other is a high-cost slow response organization.

  • How to become a high performer that will dominate the new business landscape and lead the charge of future organizations

Learning Outcome

An understanding that change, continual learning, and innovation are required in every organization to now be competitive and to even survive the next decade as the business landscape has changed so dramatically and a mindset to begin learning and engaging in the right conversations to get a successful outcome.

Target Audience

This is open for anyone, it is good for leadership as it very much sets the tone of why change is a must and not an option


No prerequisites required

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