Agile Certifications - Who, What, When , Where and Most Importantly Why !

Agile Certifications - Who, What, When , Where and Most Importantly Why !

There is no doubt about Agile’s place in the delivery world, providing faster, better and less expensive working products. There is also no shortage of Agile Certification training products to assist people.

However, are all Agile certifications needed to do a great job ? and for the ones that are - how do you ensure you choose them wisely to receive maximum value.

This 25 minute talk, covers a number of items to consider when enrolling in Agile training courses and certifications and what to look for in a quality training organisation.

By using a short case study on the Scrum Master Certification, a number of interesting and important questions will be answered, including:

  • The state of the worldwide Scrum Master Certification market.
  • The number of Certified/ Accredited Scrum Masters out there.
  • How the certifications differentiate themselves.
  • The value proposition of Scrum Master training for individuals and employers.
  • Job prospects and worldwide salary information for Scrum Masters.
  • A checklist to consider when selecting an Agile training organisation.

As the Training Director at Planit, in the last eight years I have seen some excellent offerings in the market, and also some that could be better. I look forward to sharing these findings in a topical presentation to assist attendees in navigating the training market.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Approximately ten power point slides, covering the items above with interaction from the audience.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, attendees will be able:

  • to decide on the need for Agile training and certification for individuals and organisations.
  • to make quality decisions when selecting certification schemes.
  • to ask the right questions when assessing training providers and their ability to deliver the desired outcomes.

Target Audience

Individuals and Managers interested in navigating the value proposition of Agile Certifications


No Prerequisites required.

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