Product Owner & Scrum Master - Grow your own

When an organisation embark on their agile journey or even when they consider embarking on the journey, one of the most common challenge is "where do I find scrum masters and product owners?" And after they had been appointed or assigned the role, the next question is "how do we know they are the right people and what do we need?"

While I am generalising, the challenge is real in many instances as these are roles that did not exist in traditional SDLC or waterfall structure.

Using my past HR background, I've worked with organisations to use their existing competency program to co-create competences of new roles such as product owner and scrum master and create a program for peer mentoring and growth.

In this workshop, I will be showing you how we can co-create a live competence program that can iterate over time and more importantly with agile maturity. And develop your own talent pool through practical recommendations.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction - 5 mins

Competency co-creation - 20mins

Group competences consensus - 10mins

Peer mentoring program - 5mins

Closing & Questions - 5mins

Learning Outcome

Understand the process of competences co-creation

Creation of mentoring programme within the chapter / communities of practice

Practical application within your organisation context

Target Audience

Product owners, scrum masters, agile leaders, HR, team leads


If your organisation has started the journey and has a number of product owners, scrum masters, this session will be useful for you to use in future. It is especially powerful if you have a product owner and scrum master chapters or communities of practice.

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