Canvassing the Business

When you’re in the midst of pursuing a new market or launching a new product, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the excitement and swept up in the details. There are a lot of things you think you know and even more things you don’t. Where do you go from here?

This session will take you through a tool to help get you started: the business model canvas. Using this tool can provide us with a more honest look at where the business model is at and help provide clarity on areas that need more work. It can provide you with a lens to identify where assumptions have been made and helps form testable hypotheses to further refine the product or service.

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Outline/structure of the Session

10 minutes - explaining the basics of a business model canvas

20 minutes - activity in using the business model canvas to visualise an example business

10 minutes - using the canvas to draw out hypotheses and to discuss how we can test them

5 minutes - debrief and Q&A

Learning Outcome

Tool to understand your business model and thereby contributing towards the market strategy.

Identify PESTLE factors impacting the new product or business launch. (Political, Economical, Social, technology, legal and Environmental)

Identify applications of business model canvas in Lean Start up.

Target Audience


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