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Business agility is the ability of a business system to rapidly respond to change by adapting its initial stable configuration. Business agility can be maintained by maintaining and adapting goods and services to meet customer demands, adjusting to the changes in a business environment and taking advantage of human resources.

This talk provides an introduction to business agility, including business drivers, getting started, and current trends.




Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction to business agility. Vocabulary and brief history

2. Alignment to Agile frameworks

3. Getting started

4. Critical success factors

Learning Outcome

After this talk, you will be able to transition from scattered agile implementation to holistic, business-driven agile enterprise.

Target Audience

management, coaches

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    Ben Beath - Job Epics - an Agile approach to reinventing job descriptions.

    Ben Beath
    Ben Beath
    Managing Director
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    20 Mins

    Three months ago, Loud&Clear eliminated job descriptions. Every role in our team is now neatly summarised in just 8 user stories, describing the 'features' each person brings to Loud&Clear.

    With this change, our company is busier than ever, but we're also the calmest we've ever been. Traditional job descriptions are long, uninspiring and irrelevant. They were buried in contracts, and unnecessarily secretive. As our people and our company evolved, JDs often became comically out of date. 

    We think Job Epics is the Agile approach to traditional Job Descriptions.  In a 20-30 minute talk, I'll discuss what motivated us to rethink JDs, how we went about implementing user stories for each person in our company, and what we've learned.