Continuously improve everything with the Toyota Kata

Do you conduct agile team retrospectives only to discover that the same problems keep coming up and nothing seems to change? Do you want to develop MVPs and apply lean startup principles to deliver customer value? Do you want to accelerate DevOps adoption and master The Three Ways? Are you trying to start a movement for lean, agile or systems thinking to transform where you work? Or are you just looking for a scientific systematic way of continual learning and improvement?

The Toyota Kata is a structured and focused approach to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement. The use of experiments and coaching practices help create the safe environment needed for innovative solutions, and can be applied at any level in any organization in any industry.

"The Third Way shows us how to create a culture that simultaneously fosters experimentation, learning from failure, and understanding that repetition and practice are the prerequisites to mastery." The Phoenix Project (2013)

Come and learn how the Toyota Kata can help you lead the continuous improvement pattern at scale across your organization.

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Outline/structure of the Session

An introduction to the Toyota Kata continual learning / continuous improvement.

A live demonstration of a coaching kata in practice.

A presentation / discussion with use case examples of how to apply it to agile development teams, and how it works at scale across an organization.

Learning Outcome

An understanding of the Toyota Kata model of continuous learning and improvement, with resources to apply this where you work.

Target Audience


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