Liberating Structures... 36 tried and true facilitation techniques to amp up your org's collaboration

The communication tools of Liberating Structures will teach you how to facilitate the discussions your org needs. I am going to demonstrate how to use these techniques in the workshop. And all the attendees are going to be fully immersed and ready to wield their new knowledge the very next day at work.

Come learn how to help your team(s), org(s), and company(ies)!!!

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A version of this workshop that was presented at Agile Tour Sydney 2016 is at

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session has been designed to be 99% practical application and 1% presentation slide deck.

Audience: Facilitators, Trainers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches.

Materials needed: The workshop will require 1 pad of sticky notes and 1 Sharpie per attendee. The facilitator will require an audible cue tool, such as a Tibetan singing bowl or Tibetan gongs, to be provided by facilitator.

Overview of the first Liberating Structure, 1-2-4-All, also includes instructions. This exercise is divided into 4 micro-timeboxes totaling 15 minutes or less.

Overview of the second Liberating Structure, 15% Solutions, also includes instructions. This exercise is divided into 3 micro-timeboxes totaling 10 minutes or less.

Overview of the third Liberating Structure, Troika Consulting, also includes instructions. This exercise is divided into 4 micro-timeboxes totaling 15 minutes or less.

The next structure can be added or deleted as needed depending on how we are filling our timebox.

Overview of the fourth Liberating Structure, TRIZ, also includes instructions. This exercise is divided into 3 micro-timeboxes totaling 20 minutes or less.

Concluded with summarization of Liberating Structures and pointers to references, including user groups, training, web sites, and the definitive book. The session is intended for a 90 minute timeframe but can be expanded or contracted as needed by adding or removing Liberating Structures.

An attendee will be able to immediately apply multiple Liberating Structures that they have practiced.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will be introduced to Liberating Structures as a set of protocols for communication and collaboration. The purpose and intent of the protocols will be discussed and described. Attendees will actually participate in a variety of Liberating Structure exercises, enabling the techniques to be applied immediately. To summarize the session a set of online resources will be provided to the attendees so they can research further at their leisure.

Target Audience

Facilitators, Trainers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

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    The 10 misconceptions of Agile

    Victoria Schiffer
    Victoria Schiffer
    Stephanie BySouth
    Stephanie BySouth
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    45 mins

    Agile is NOT just having sticky notes on the wall.

    There are many misconceptions of what Agile is. As Agile Coaches we come across many of them, whether by Senior managers, leaders, team members, people from non IT parts of the business, people new to Agile who might still have an opinion on Agile. The misconceptions that are floating around have a huge impact on the success of their Agile journey and our work as Agile Coaches. People might have heard of Agile and might have a rough idea of what it is. And there might be different levels of exposure and an understanding of Agile in their companies.

    In this interactive session we will untangle what Agile ISN'T and more importantly what it stands for and how it holds true in YOUR work context.

    Come along to turn the misconceptions on their head and leave the session with practical examples of how you can apply these; both in your personal and professional life.