Experimenting with GOLEAN technique at ANZ

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I'm currently working in at ANZ, having been employed to introduce agile and lean thinking into the Technology organisation.  Some of the work I'm doing is unique.  Among other techniques, I'm using Ash Maurya's GOLEAN model with Kanban, to identify and solve longstanding frontline business problems and experimenting before committing significant time and financial investment into potential solutions.This approach is challenging the status quo.  This session will describe using the approach in this environment and some of the challenges experienced to date.   


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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Introduction - organisational context 

2. What is the GOLEAN model? 

3. Hypothesis creation 

4. Some lean experiments - success, success, failure, feedback loop, success

5. Some challenges

6. What's next 

Learning Outcome

Real-world experience of introducing a new thinking model into an organisation

Complications due to challenging the status quo 

Target Audience

People interested in challenges of introducing agile and lean into a corporate enterprise.

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  • Robert Postill
    By Robert Postill  ~  1 year ago
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    Great idea, can't wait to see it smile