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Who procrastinates on a regular basis? Who occasionally self sabotages? Are you sure what you really want from life? Do the experiences you are having right now fulfill you?  Do you think you could be more fulfilled and if you had that, is that a goal worth obtaining? Is happiness the same as fulfillment and where does being passionate come into it? How can understanding fulfillment help us be more connected to what we do and who we work with? 

If there was a structured approach, a formula, to guide you towards fulfillment and help you identify your gaps, would that be worth exploring? 

Join Christiane in an interactive session to collaboratively explore what fulfillment means to you. We will break down the elements of the fulfillment formula and understand how each element plays a vital part in bringing deep, meaningful experiences to our lives. Through self reflection exercises and shared group insights participants will walk out with a clearer understanding on what fulfillment means to them. 


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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The session will be a mixture of facilitated teaching, group and individual exercises delivered via whiteboard using visual facilitation. 

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of what fulfillment is and isn't.
  • Knowledge of the fulfillment formula, its elements.
  • Recognizing when the elements are present and not present and what that means to the person. 
  • Insights into the gaps in your life which stop you from being fulfilled. 
  • How to make conscious choices in career and personal endevaours using the formula.
  • How to obtain fulfillment. 



Target Audience

Anyone who has an interest in getting to know themselves and better understand their place in the world

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