A science-based view on how a meditation practice builds psychological flexibility. 

By now most of us have heard about mindfulness - in this talk we will dive into the science of psychological flexibility: the ability to rapidly adapt, shift mindsets, maintain balance, and live our deeply held values.

We will show how mindfulness can help us be more flexible and creative, can enhance our human-centred awareness, as well as helping us work better in the world of autonomous self-managing teams. 



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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introducing mindfulness
  • A quick (non-compulsory!) mindfulness taster 
  • Mindfulness research - the main benefits 
  • Psychological flexibility - what is it & how to use it
  • Tips for applying this stuff straight away

Learning Outcome

Improved understanding of mindfulness & how to apply it

Target Audience

Anyone interested in building their psychological flexibility, stress management, and creativity

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