Fast, Easy & Safe - 5 years at a FinTech

Navigating the growth phase of a financial technology startup has been an exciting and rewarding experience.  However, delivering software in a competitive marketplace whilst maintaining a stable and reliable platform can be very challenging when the cost of mistakes are high.

In this session you'll hear about the importance of creating a resilient, collaborative, flexible, adaptable and trusting workplace to ensure a stable and highly available platform.  We'll discuss organisational design, Agile processes and the lessons learned through success and failure that have enabled a Melbourne startup to grow to a global payments leader.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • About eNett
  • Events that shaped us
  • Our approach to delivering software
  • How we are organised and why
  • Preparing for the next phase

Learning Outcome

  • De-centralising control to build trust
  • Measuring success and failure to drive engagement
  • Applying cadence and synchronisation for effective communication
  • Organisational design for resilience and agility

Target Audience

Folks looking to apply Agile at a larger scale (50-100+ staff). This includes Executives & Senior Managers, Program & Project Managers and Development/Technical Leaders.

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  • Gabor Devenyi
    By Gabor Devenyi  ~  4 weeks ago
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    Hey Tim, 

    Thanks for the proposal, it's great to see you here too. Just wanted to check if the "Fast, Easy & Safe" title is related in any way to the SAFe framework.

    Thanks, Gabor 

    • Tim Lewis
      By Tim Lewis  ~  4 weeks ago
      reply Reply

      Nope.  Not related.

      • Gabor Devenyi
        By Gabor Devenyi  ~  4 weeks ago
        reply Reply

        Cool, thanks for clarifying. cool

        • Tim Lewis
          By Tim Lewis  ~  3 weeks ago
          reply Reply

          I will be discussing applying agile methods at a reasonable scale (50-100 staff), however we don't use SAFe to do this.

          • Gabor Devenyi
            By Gabor Devenyi  ~  3 weeks ago
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            That works fine. I hope you got the acceptance e-mail and will come to the conference (and the speaker workshop on Tuesday as well).