When is a Retro not a Retro?

location_city Melbourne schedule Jun 30th 10:30 - 11:15 AM place EN 405 (C40) people 37 Interested

Ever come out of a Retro and thought 'what was the point of that?' Or have gone into a Retro and someone has asked 'What actions did we do from the last one?' only to realise there were no actions.

Retrospectives are so important as we learn and grow, but if there is no definable outcomes then why should we do them?

I'll explore how we can make a retro better, offer some different styles and hopefully make people think why retros are so important.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction

Why are Retros important? Why don't they always work? 

2. A Look at when retros go bad

Will throw to the audience to call out situations they have been in followed by some examples I have seen myself.

3. How can we get better retros?

Explore ways that you can get the most out of a retro

4. A retro for every occasion

Looking at different ways a retro can be run and how you can get inspiration from other places

5. Conclusion

Will hold a brief retro on the talk as well as final comments


Learning Outcome

Recognise when a retro is going pear-shape

Ensure expectations can be set when going into a retro 

Making clear actions as a result of a retro

Recording and following up actions outside of the retro

Retro play-book - different styles of retro

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, PO/BAs, Engineers

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