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Infrastructure Mapping is a technique for having a structured conversation around the development of your DevOps infrastructure.

In this workshop, you shall learn how to conduct an infrastructure mapping session to capture incremental specifications for the infrastructure of an application and turn them into executable specifications to enable a test first approach to configuration as code.


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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Table discussion exercises
  • Pairing Sessions writing code

Learning Outcome

  • Understand how to run an Infrastructure Mapping session to understand your infrastructure requirements
  • Learn how to test drive the development of your infrastructure

Target Audience

developers, operations, DevOps, security


  • A laptop with an SSH client and internet connection
  • Basic Linux knowledge desirable
  • Experience programming in Ruby, desirable
  • Understanding of configuration as code concepts
  • Laptop with Docker installed, desirable
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    Infrastructure Mapping takes the principles of Behaviour Driven Development and applies it to your DevOps infrastructure, to understand infrastructure requirements and develop infrastructure as code test first