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Marketing, Finance & Agile ways of working (WOW)......... Walking through the Agile adoption and transformation of the NAB Marketing team, re-defining our ways of working, creating efficiencies, greater team engagement, speed to market and cross functional collaboration.  During this session we'll examine the application of Agile to a non-technical, complex, heavily regulated  business and how we had to learn to be ‘Agile’ in our approach and thinking and also influence others across the enterprise.

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Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Talk through the Agile Journey of NAB Marketing.  Why we chose to go Agile.  The Challenges, the successes, the lessons where are we are now and what next.

Learning Outcome

 Greater understanding of applying Agile in a non-technical business.

Target Audience

People interested in Agile adoption and use outside of IT (i.e., marketing)

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    Ant Marsh - Structuring an agile embedded software development project - life amongst the engineers

    Ant Marsh
    Ant Marsh
    Sr. Consultant (Agile Lead)
    schedule 2 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    The author worked on a medical technology product development project at an R&D house, working as a team lead for software in multi-disciplinary project, for an overseas corporate client.  The usual mundane challenges of a highly technical software project ensued - aggressive timelines, fixed price contract, a remote and demanding client, no dedicated business analyst, no dedicated software QA, 400 or so abstract software requirements written in a long software specification spreadsheet.

    On top of this, as a non-technical agile practitioner your author struggled coming to terms with a highly technical project involving electronic engineers, industrial designers, medical scientists, and a new technical approach to emulating proprietary algorithms to conduct diagnoses on patient samples using a combination of fluid dynamics, surface chemistry, and the emulation of proprietary algorithms designed for use in a previous generation product using a completely different technological approach .  Yeah, I didn't know what all that meant either.

    But that's just the context... what I really want to talk about is the challenges and lessons learned from applying Agile in a volatile organisational, compliance and contractually driven context, with the particular challenges of agile for embedded software (firmware).  This poses significant challenges in terms of writing meaningful stories, producing meaningful estimations, what happens when your hardware drivers don't work, rewriting software when the hardware changes, testing device software when you don't actually have a device.   In other words, all you people working in pure software/web have it easy.  

    This experience reinforced my faith in agile principles and values, although I did have moments of doubt!   This talk will look at those principles and suggest ways that they can be better applied even in non-embedded software development projects.

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    Libby Dale - Innovating Online Customer Experience

    Libby Dale
    Libby Dale
    The Working Octopus
    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    This presentation will deal with transforming online customer engagement, drawing on customer engagement success stories. Customer retention and 'health scoring' will be introduced, this includes addressing problems & how to resist doing ‘more of the same’. A Case Study will be explored of the digital journey of a large print & online advertising company.