Lessons Learned from building a serverless API

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We had to build a fast and reliable API for a public-facing phone application. Why use a shiny new technology to build this API when there are already proven ways to do it?
In this talk I will explore why we decided to use AWS Lambdas and how it was different from developing and deploying a “conventional" API. Hear about lessons learned throughout the journey, from just playing with Lambdas at home through to successfully shipping a functional product.
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Outline/structure of the Session

- Context Setting, about the project
- About serverless
- Why serverless
- Development and deployment
- Conclusions
- Q&A, open discussion

Learning Outcome

- What serverless is
- How building a serverless architecture differs from a conventional one.
- What kind of projects could benefit from a serverless architecture. 

Target Audience

Developers, DevOps, Technical Leads/Managers

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