You were created for a specific and unique purpose - there is a special mix of gifts and talents in you that need to be shared with the world. In today's workplaces, it's critical to have the skills to continually self-evaluate, evolve and inspire others to change. We apply continuous improvement to our products, but not often enough to ourselves and our cultures. So how do we access the greatness within ourselves and call it out from those we’re leading?

Do you wish you were doing your best work but find that somehow you can't make it happen? Ever wondered why you keep repeating the same conflicts at different workplaces and with different teams? This session will delve into the specific areas of your life that, when unblocked, will allow the best version of yourself to operate more frequently. You’ll come away with a combination of mindset and action points to put into practice.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

5 mins: Introduction - what your inner greatness means, how you are a complex system within yourself and how that fits into the system of the world around you. How you becoming your authentic and best self advances the work of others and elevates everyone.

30 mins: Talk through the 3 parts of your system and the overlay of emotions

  1. Spirit (essence/personality/creativity)
  2. Mental
  3. Physical (Body/Finances/Space)
  4. Emotions

20 mins: participants complete a series of questions relating to their personal system

25 mins: break into small groups and discuss personal roadmaps

10 mins: volunteers from the smaller groups share insights with the larger group, closing.

Learning Outcome

After the session, participants will have:

  • An understanding of each of the 4 areas that make up their personal system and how they are interdependent
  • practical examples from their own lives forming a roadmap
  • identified goals under each of the 4 areas to work on
  • Sharing and learning from the experiences of other participants

Target Audience

Anyone who seeks to release their best work into the world and build a culture of continuous improvement

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session stands alone but works well in partnership with my other submission "Releasing Your Inner Greatness - 4 Growth Principles" as that one is the macro principles and this one is the micro/personal view

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