Why and how to make Agile work outside of IT

Have you ever come across belief that Agile only works in IT? How many times have you encountered Agile being taken for project delivery methodology?

In this talk I will debunk the myths above and will explain

- Why take Agile outside of IT?

- How to take Agile outside of IT?

I will share some success stories and lessons learned from failures.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

1. Intro ( 5 min)

2. The myths and myth-busters. History behind "Agile is for IT" belief ( 5 min )

3. Why Agile has to go beyond IT and how to make it work (10 min)

4. Success and horror stories ( 5 min )

5. Q&A ( 5 min )

Learning Outcome

At the end of the session participants will understand

  • Importance of scaling Agile outside of IT
  • Why and how to scale up

and get case studies they will be able to refer to while building their own case for change

Target Audience

everyone who wants to make impact on organisation

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