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Starting in November 2017, a crew at MYOB embarked on an exciting 6 weeks journey of an Agile Dojo! Guided by an Agile Coach, it was an intensive learning experience which gave us opportunities to challenge the status quo, carry out various experiments, introduced them to new tools, techniques & practices to foster collaboration, refine team dynamics, bring structure to their approaches and improve the way they worked in general.
We used 'Improvement Kata' and 'Coaching Kata' from Lean Management for learning, adapting, experimenting and coaching. It was a time to pause, observe and ponder over things.
In a nutshell, it was a time-boxed immersive accelerated learning opportunity which resulted in productivity improvements ranging from 10%-90%. MYOB ran this Dojo as an investment in their knowledge workers! It was an experiment run at both Auckland and Melbourne and was successful. This talk will give you glimpses of our 'dojo' adventure, learnings, challenges, interesting surprises and lots of 'aha' moments!

Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session will be a story to cover:

- Why we ran the Dojo?

- How did we do it?

- What were the challenges?

- What were the learnings - specific examples!

Learning Outcome

This session is a first-hand experience sharing of a successful Agile Dojo! If I am not wrong, it has not been tried at any organisation in Melbourne! You will get tons of inspiration to give it a try! It will emphasise the importance of Continuous Learning and challenging the status quo.

Target Audience

Anyone working in an Agile environment, keen to continuously improve and hasn't participated in a Dojo before!!

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