Test Driven Infrastructure - an introduction

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Software development has embraced techniques like TDD (Test Driven Development) to help reduce the cycle time between developing code and validating it works.

As application development practice evolved, we needed to respond to change faster while still maintaining our quality - the way we developed our solutions needed to change - and so did our tools.

Now that we have Infrastructure as Code (IaC) a whole new range of cycle time challenges have emerged. No longer are we building simple proof of concept systems using IaC, many of todays cloud deployments are multiple complex servers composed of tens or hundreds of servers.

In this session we take a look at the tools and practices available to Infrastructure developers to reduce the cycle time of change while maintaining a high level of quality and confidence.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Overview of the current tools and practices available to test infrastructure as code development.

Live demonstration of validating server configuration and setup.

Learning Outcome

Takeaway some practical examples of how to introduce a Test Driven Infrastructure approach.

Target Audience

Infrastructure developers / Development managers looking for ways to increase the quality of infrastructure development activities.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Would be beneficial if attendees have an understanding of common Infrastructure Development tools such as Vagrant, Packer and Ansible.

While not essential for this session, details of what these tools do and how they work will not be the focus of the session.

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