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In this session, I’ll explain how a truly awesome team embarked on an Agile transformation using Compliance Driven Development which increased throughput, reduced code and systems complexity, introduced continuous verification using continuous delivery, dramatically reduced failed changes and production incidents, introduced DevSecOps before it became a buzzword and created highly engaged cross-functional performant teams.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Set the scene
  • Explain what Compliance Driven Development is.
  • Understand why I should care.
  • Show how it transformed a business from the trenches
  • Questions

Learning Outcome

Dispel the follow myths:

  • Agile cannot be used in compliance regulated industries
  • Agile is unstructured and undisciplined
  • Agile means no planning
  • Agile means no documentation
  • Agile means “hacking” code together with little thought of architecture or design

Target Audience

Anyone who’s interested in understanding how agile adoption works in a regulatory compliance environment

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