My 25 experiments with feedback

location_city Melbourne schedule Jul 19th 04:15 - 04:45 PM place EN 308 (C40) people 14 Interested

All of us teach and preach about feedback in our daily lives as an effective way to learn and grow. I
do my part on feedback too very diligently. But as always I have an uncomfortable tingling anxiety
when I hear ‘feedback’. And so I decided to experiment with this anxiety. This is talk about my
journey with feedback and my 25 experiments in seeking feedback for myself and my work in
various settings like my training sessions , from my team mates (360 degree) and even in my job
interviews. I will share my top 5 experiments ad my learning from it and also the top 5 techniques
that I found useful in receiving feedback.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Why experiment with Feedback – 5 mins
  • Overview of my 25 experiments with feedback – 10 mins
  • My Top 5 experiments & lessons – 10 mins
  • My Top 5 techniques – 5 mins

Learning Outcome

Learn new techniques suited for different contexts and try them to make feedback more fun.

Target Audience

Novice to expert

Prerequisites for Attendees

This talk is suitable for participants of all levels. A fair understanding that feedback if for self-growth and hence team growth.

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