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One of the Larman's law of Organisational behaviour is "Culture follows Structure".

"Culture/behavior/mindset follows system & organizational design. i.e., If you want to really change culture, you have to start with changing structure, because culture does not really change otherwise. By the way, this is an observation in large-scale;

Structural change involves not only changing the groups, roles, hierarchy, and policies but also includes changing the physical structure. In this presentation, I will share the real life case study of an organisation, where I saw changing slight physical layout of the organisation, brought a huge cultural change.

This presentation is filled with real life pictures taken during the transformation process so that the attendees can go back and try some of these simple layout changes bringing the change.

Many of these pictures were taken as part of Large-Scale Scrum(LeSS) experimentation process.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Introduction to Larman's laws

2. Meaning of Culture follows structure

3. Share the case study and its links with LeSS

4. Q & A

Learning Outcome

Attendees can learn how simple physical changes can bring changes to the mindset and cultural change in the organisation. There are simple ideas that they can go back and implement.

Target Audience

Any one interested in bringing cultural change to the organisation

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