Listening to be heard; Active listening to save time, and gain patience in tech teams

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Active listening, as the name suggests, focuses on how we listen as humans in a workplace setting and how we can use these skills to our advantage. Anne-Maree has been facilitating in-house sessions for Xero AU examining how the practice of active listening can help teams and individuals to openly communicate, enhance working relationships and ultimately save time.

Posing the question "can you find your voice, by being a better listener" Anne-Maree has been investigating how the outdated ideas of active listening can be enhanced using techniques from the arts industry to be used as a tool to help strengthen our tech teams. Anne-Maree will share her discoveries from working with over 200 participants over two years at Xero AU - what worked, what failed and where to next and what can you do right now to embrace this technique.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Active listening today

Why listening and Why Anne-Maree

Listening vs Hearing

How the sessions started

How they changed

How you can listen better right now

Where to from here

Any Questions....

Learning Outcome

Empathy in practise

The power of simple participation

Saving time through listening

Target Audience

Anyone keen to hear about a new way of working

Prerequisites for Attendees

There is room included for questions and participation

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