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Diagramming and mapping our thoughts changes the way we think. It makes our thoughts and ideas broader and helps us to see patterns. These approaches are great for both individual problem-solving and team collaboration and co-creation.

By learning and applying these visual techniques we follow in the foot-steps of great thinkers such as Leonardo, Edison, and Feynman who used visualisation as a major guide, more so than language and equations, which came later.

Many of us have tried our hand at mind-mapping, which is an excellent tool for expanding our ideas and solving problems by breaking away from linear thinking. In this talk, I will demonstrate other powerful ways we can map our ideas and thoughts to solve problems, both as individuals and as teams.

Techniques include:

- Lotus blossom technique

- Systems mapping

My objective is to offer you options so that you can choose the technique that best suits you.


Outline/Structure of the Talk



Technique explanation

Hands-on exercise



Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn techniques that are different than simple mind mapping. These techniques, like Lotus Blossom, will help them in generating ideas and expanding them. These techniques can be used in personal life as well as at work.

Target Audience

The target audience of my talk are the people who are willing to learn techniques of systems & critical thinking. The ideas presented in that talk can also be used for brainstorming, idea generation, bringing clarity to existing problems and much more. I

Prerequisites for Attendees

None. Only bring your brains.

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