Build-An-Agile-Organisation Game

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Players will split into teams and build their own model for improving organisational agility in a fantasy organisation.

Your games-master will kick off proceedings with a briefing on the rules and the organisational agility model we'll be referring to (the Domains of Business Agility Model - - and then tell you about a number of psychology-based power-ups your team can use to supercharge your business.

Teams will then build a super-sized business strategy canvas and pitch this back to fellow players so they can vote on the winners (I mean, we'll all 'win', but one team will win a bit more than the others :)

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Outline/Structure of the Interactive

  • Split into teams

  • Player briefing:
  • Build your super-sized business strategy canvas

  • Teams pitch their canvases

  • Vote & announce the winners!

Learning Outcome

Players will learn about organisational agility - and some great research-backed approaches to helping teams build agility, resilience, wellbeing, and performance.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the psychological side of building organisational agility

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