Warm up: 3 games to get your teams connected (long)

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Have you ever struggled with getting a retrospective started? Only getting very superficial actions out the team?

What is the best retro you have ever had?

Teams that create products that makes a difference start with getting insights in team dynamics and understanding strengths, talents & passion.

Are you curious about who is actually on your team?

Learn about games you can bring in to build psychological safety, trust and get your team connected to get more out of your retros.

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Outline/structure of the Session

In this workshop, she will share 3 games to help you get connected with your team and how to do a warm up with your team in any session:

1) Check in: warm up

2) Story time

3) Soft Shoe Shuffle

Learning Outcome

Learn 3 games you can use to get your teams connected in retrospectives.

Learning about how to start conversation around agile team values in Focus, Self Organization and Trust.

Target Audience

Scrum masters, agile coaches, team members, anyone working with teams


Bring a growth mindset, creativity and curiosity

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