The (re)discovery of a lost skill

schedule Jul 30th 02:00 - 02:30 PM place EN307 C40

We've now all been accustomed to the agile and devops mindsets as they figure today.

There's still some kind of barrier between roles in a team, and maybe even between peers.

This talk will dive a bit more around what I believe is missing, something that we all had a taste of in the past, and still have access to now.

Expect to get out of this talk with a new dimension to team work, and how you can start practicing this new skill without classroom training!

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Outline/Structure of the Talk


- Who I am

- Story to relate to the topic

- Commitment to the outcome of the presentation

Main points:

- Where most companies fall short

- Real communication takes a lot of patience

- How do you recognise there's a lack of communication kills


- Re-iterate the points

Q & A / Open conversations

Learning Outcome

Out of this talk, you should come out with something new to try in your teams to enhance communication between people.

Target Audience

IT engineers and leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring in your curiosity and an open mind.

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  • Craig Brown
    By Craig Brown  ~  2 weeks ago
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    This doesn't tell us enough of what it is really about. Can you please be more concrete about the outcome you seek to achieve, the technique you plan to share etc. We need a beter understanding of what you are trying to do here.